Sell yourself with a simple CV

To get the most out of your CV, you need to think like the recruiter.

For example, if you’re applying for a FLT counterbalance job in Worksop, the recruiter will be looking for in-date licences and experience of using them. Include:
– Licences held, dates ( to prove they are in date )
– Previous experience/training in a similar role
– Ability to travel to the location (do you have your own car?)
– Similar work experience/training that you feel is relevant
– e.g warehouse experience, manual/labour intensive jobs

If you’re applying for a Managerial role,the recruiter will need to see that you’re capable of the requirements of the job. Include:
– Past experience. If you’ve worked a managerial role before, include responsibilities (e.g managed team of 10)
– Include relevant examples of ability to manage a team

Many people have a standard CV which they will send out to all vacancies they apply for. The problem with this lays in the fact that recruiters are busy people who receive many CV’s everyday. Filtering through a general CV to find specific information relating to the position you’re applying for may mean it doesn’t stand out as much as a CV which has been crafted to the vacancy. You may choose to include the vacancy-specific information in your covering letter, which is better than nothing!

Think of your CV as a sales pitch – which points would you like to emphasise to convince the employer that you’re the right candidate?  Don’t lie on your CV, especially if your lies would be easily exposed from a simple Google search of your name. In fact, just don’t lie on your CV!

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