How to utilise your ‘extra-curricular’ activities for a pay rise

Are you performing above and beyond your duties? If you are planning to use your devotion to
back-up a claim for a pay rise or promotion, then you’re going to want to start tracking exactly what you do.

It’s as simple as recording the extra tasks you carry out, or the favours you treat your colleagues to. If you regularly put in extra hours, push yourself and strive for perfection – record it. If you have fairly frequent meetings with your manager about working life, then this is a great place to mention these areas. Otherwise, keep your record as undeniable, indisputable evidence for your case when you got for a pay rise or during your appraisal.

What should your report contain?

– Tasks undertaken
-Who it helped (if applicable). I.e colleagues, customers, clients.
-Why this specifically matters to your manager. ie
-Did it help the business?
-Did it help achieve goals?

Don’t argue for a rise based on personal issues, such as buying a house or having a baby. In no instance should you guilt your employer into a rise, or cause an uncomfortable situation. Your issues are not theirs!

Note: If you don’t have regular update meetings with your manager – presumably due to the lack of their time available for this kind of interaction – then chances are that they won’t have time to keep up to dare and be aware of what you’re doing during your working day. This is why it’s so important to back-up your claims!

Lastly, pick a good time to discuss this. Try and schedule a meeting for a quiet afternoon, as you’ll most likely need around 30 minutes for a substantial discussion. Good luck!