Don’t let Monday morning destroy you!

Every so often, everyone has ‘one of those days’. Now this could mean you’re overly tired, stressed, upset, cranky, sick – anything that makes you feel pretty useless – which is OK at the weekend, after work, on holiday, or any time which isn’t work hours! But what do you do when you’re crashing 10 minutes into the working day?

It’s not only yourself that is affected by this slump – your lack of productivity will be a hindrance to your employer too. Here’s a few tips that should perk you up!

-Coffee helps some so if this is your vice, get brewing! (but did you know, this is a sign you should stop? See: Daily Mail )
-Try getting some of your more enjoyable tasks completed whilst you’re still coming to – if you’re lucky enough to be able to choose what you do and when, that is!

-Take your lunch break as early as possible. Use this as an opportunity to get some fresh air, some exercise, food and drink. Even if it’s only 10 minutes or a quick walk around the site/office, it can work wonders for refreshing your head!

-Drink water, rather than tea or coffee. Your body is full of the stuff, so making sure you’re topped up will ensure you’re running at full capacity.

-Eat an apple or some chocolate. Great for perking you up!

-If this is a regular occurrence, be proactive and sort out your sleep routine! Early nights and early mornings mix well, as do ensuring your rest is to a great standard. Keep yourself hydrated, try to alcohol away from school nights, and always have breakfast!

Do you often find yourself in this situation? Have you found a routine which works for yourself? Let us know!