Career advice for a warehouse temp?

There’s an abundance of really useful job advice available on the internet. Articles help people dress for interviews, write their CV in a particular way, cope with their first day in a new job, advance in their career.. and everything in between.

The problem is, the advice is rarely written for the warehouse workers, the factory staff, the temps that keep shifts running when permanent staff fall short. These are the people that turn up for work each morning without the chance for as many coffee breaks as the office workers. The people that get dirty, perform repetitive tasks all day long, clean toilets and look after people who can’t look after themselves. What advice can we give to them?

Career Progression

managerial roles usually depend on the amount of experience you have, and also what qualifications you have gained – this means if you’re physically able to drive a forklift truck, but don’t have an in date license, you shouldn’t be doing it. It doesn’t mean that you have to have a degree in English! What qualifications would definitely improve your career? Look at the kind of role you’re interested in, and take it from here. Look at job adverts for requirements, ask someone in that role, or look it up online.

Worklife enhancements

Some job types are not as flexible as others in terms of the freedom you have over the tasks you perform. Working long hours in a repetitive environment is tiring, and you will benefit from having ‘me time’ afterwards. Anything from a walk, so sitting in a quiet, stress-free environment will help. The most important thing I can say is – I am writing this, sitting in an office. If you’re reading this, and you work in a difficult job – you’re the expert. What gets you through the day? How do you make the working day better, progress your career, enjoy your job?

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