Temp of the Month Christmas Special – December 2017

Congratulations to our winner, Phil Tomlinson from Ripley!

Phil has worked for us since March, for two of our branches. When we called our client to let them know that Phil had won, the whole office cheered!

Our consultant Shannon popped down to see him and present him with his prize and certificate. She says “Everyone in the factory knows about this. Phil is absolutely over the moon! As I left he said ‘If you ever need me to stay and cover a shift just give me a ring, I won’t let you down!'” she added “Our client has nominated him as he always goes above and beyond and is very dedicated – yesterday he cancelled going out for dinner because he didn’t want to let us or them down.

Our client nominated Phil himself, giving a list of reasons why he should win:
• Nothing is too much trouble when Phil is on shift.
• He has doubled back several times with no complaints.
• On more than 1 occasion come back into work after his shift has finished to help us keep lines running.
• He never complains just gets on with it.
• He takes pride in the tasks that he is doing rather than half hearted.
• Always willing to stop and do extra hours to help us get the job done.

Our Managing Director, Marc says “It’s great to hear that a company has this much commitment to a temporary worker”

Phil tells us that he will be spending his winnings with his wife after the Christmas period.

Semi Finalists – each won £20


Candidate: John Clamp
Job title: Order Picker
Nomination statement: “John lost his bus pass for the week and didn’t make anyone aware, he just got on with it and walked to work from Monk Bretton to Goldthorpe (7.6 miles!!)”
Statement from client “For a number of days John was walking 2 hrs to work and 2 hrs back then working a 10 hour shift”
Candidate: Josef Gazi
Job Title: Washplant Operative
Nomination Statement “If I could nominate anybody it would be Jozef Gazi. He is a hard working and loyal person, with low levels of absence. He is always here for others and he is a very good example for others when it comes to performance and privately really humble person.”

Candidate: Costel Rotaru
Job Title: General Operative
Nomination Statement: “He always works hard and we only ever hear good things. He chose to fund his own FLT licenses while at work. This is not essential to work there but is preferred so he took it upon himself to better himself at work to progress within the company – it was never asked for or even suggested – he just did it for himself and the business!”
Client Nomination Statement: “What a great Idea and a nice gesture for the operators who have been working for over the past couple of years. We would like to nominate Costel for his contribution over this work period. I can honestly say during working with Essential these are some of the best set of operators we have had working with us and they have all fit in really well!

Long Eaton
Candidate: Richard Boe
Job Title: General Operative
Nomination Statement: “Richard has been working for our client for almost 2 years, been there whenever we needed him, gone in at short notice and now is full time rather than ad hoc!”
Client Nomination Statement: “Richard is reliable and hard working.”

Candidate: Marcel Galatanu
Job Title: Machine Operative
Nomination Statement: “Marcel is a dedicated worker. He’s worked for our client since March 2016 and has never had a day off, and he always works OT. Was trained up from packing to Machine Op.
Client Statement: “very reliable and does whatever is asked of him. He is always being willing to step in for us”

Candidate: Tyrone Halliday
Job title: Welder / Fitter
Nomination Statement: Tyrone began working as a welder and made an instant impact to their work force. He has gone out to France for them at short notice to work, doing 25 hours overtime in a week whilst there!

Candidate: Ethan Morley
Job title: Drivers Mate
Nomination Statement: “Client is very happy with the temp, can’t speak highly enough of him!
Client statement: “Ethan has been brilliant since he started with us. He is here on time every day with a smile on his face, he mucks in helping other drivers to empty vans of rubbish and also helps to load other people’s vans. He has grasped all the paperwork that needs doing for the drivers mate role. He has no problem mucking in to help the warehouse, even when getting back late he has a smile on his face he is an absolute delight to work with and to have on the team. His telephone manner is great and we are inundated with glowing reports from customers reviews (and even had 2 reviews put online about him) mentioning him by name.





Ann Louise Neil – “Bless her, she does not complain about anything and the factory at this moment is in such disarray due to us moving machines around and it’s cold out there I can assure you!”
Alan Hall – “It’s very difficult to choose between the two of Essential temps (Gavin and Alan) as they are both doing well. Based on a random choice I would like to put Alan Hall forward for this month’s temp of the month.”
Vilis Zols – “He’s punctual, hard working and always looking for the next task. Highly recommended and in line for the next full time position!”
Alan Rutter – “Please put Alas name down that would be great”
Clint Kleen – “Please put Clint up for this”
Ben Ryan – “I would like to nominate Ben Ryan. His attendance is good and his attitude to work is excellent. Always pulls his weight and more.”

Pedro Rosado – “Pedro has proven himself as a valuable asset with his time keeping and progression over the past 3 months”

Rene Miranda – “Rene has demonstrated a great attitude towards his role and has been a great worker during his time at Essential.”

Ian Purdy – “Ian has been described as conscientious, reliable and a hard worker. Everyone likes him and says what a nice guy he is.”
Aiden Grosse “Aiden has been very hardworking in recent weeks and rarely makes a mistake. He’s extremely flexible and hasn’t had a day off sick to date.”
Brett Hutchinson, Daniel Robinson and Jordan Farnsworth – All been nominated from the same client! They’ve worked really hard for this nomination.

Paul Banton – “Paul has a great work attitude, an excellent sense of humour and gets on great with the other staff. He always does the jobs assigned as asked, with no mistakes.”
Andrew Wilson has shown great interest in his position and has matched this with his ability.
Pawel Zacharek is a hard worker who is willing to undertake any task requested of him. He is conscientious and always completes work efficiently and without fuss.

Sam Thornley – “Sam has been described as a great addition to his new team, fitting in well and with no task ever too big for him”
Chris Brooks – “Chris has gone straight into a Goods in/Out role with no issues and his attendance to date has been flawless.”
Chris McAndrew – “Chris has never had a day off sick in 8 months! Has a good work rate and does overtime regularly.”
Audrone Luke – “Andrew is a key member of staff and is one of the longest serving members. Her attendance and timekeeping are first class and she always has a smile on her face”
Marcel Galatanu “Marcel has been described as very reliable and does whatever is asked of him. He’s a great worker and can be trusted with any task set for him.”
Alan Bell – “Alan has worked exceptionally hard in recent weeks and his efforts haven’t gone unnoticed”




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