I’ve been out of work for years… what do I do?

Long Term Unemployed

The long term unemployed will find it difficult to get back in to employment if there is no valid excuse for the unemployment gap. In this scenario, you’re going to have to prove that you’re willing to work and you have a changed work ethic. How do you do this?

-Volunteer: There’s almost always an opportunity to volunteer, and it can fit around other commitments. Volunteering, whilst unpaid will build up your experience and therefore benefit you more than most things you’d be doing whilst unemployed! It will also show enthusiasm to an employer.

-Take any job: If we offer you work and you turn it down after being unemployed for a large period of time, it will look as though you’re not interested in working, and simply want to please the job centre. As stereotypical as this may seem, it is frequently seen behaviour when working in this industry and is therefore something you should be aware of!

-Take a pay cut: You may have been on a £50,000 salary in your last job, but if that was 5 years ago then you’re more than likely going to have to look into working for less, at least for the foreseeable future. The competition in the jobs market is fierce, and employers have the upper hand when choosing a candidate.

-Stand out from the crowd: Use your knowledge of our industry to your advantage; many of the people who come to register don’t realise that they need to treat this time like any  other interview – formal dress and your best manners please! The impression you create in our office will influence the opinion of the recruiter and therefore whether or not you are put forward for the roles you’re interested in.

Best of luck and happy job seeking!