I’m looking for my first job… where do I start?

Looking for your first job can be a daunting and frustrating task – if you’re inexperienced the job market is hard enough, but harder still for someone with no references, no confidence and no idea what you’re doing!

The first step to take is to figure out what you want to do. We wrote an article here about creating and following a career path from scratch – this is something you’ll want to think about unless you already have!

The second thing to do is to get applying for relevant vacancies. Your first job won’t be your last, and it will probably take a few positions before you really know what you want to be doing. Agencies can definitely help, providing opportunities not otherwise available (many vacancies are filled from the agencies own database, meaning they are never advertised). You should also take the time to write a knock-out CV which you can then  print out and distribute  to employers in your area.

Your first interview will be scary, but we’ve all been there! A few vital things to remember:

-Do research the company so you at least know the basics. The more the better!
-Do make sure you’re completely familiar with what your CV says about you. (Hence why you shouldn’t lie!)
-Do dress to impress & bring your best manners.
-Do be yourself. A suit is brilliant but employers are almost always looking for a personality that will fit their company culture. Make sure you make an effort to find out what the workplace is like.

 Best of luck and happy job seeking!