I’m looking for a job… but how do I know what’s right for me?

The initial decision to be made, is the end goal you have in mind. Many people wish to chase a dream, become rich and successful and have chosen the career they intend on pursuing. Maybe the role you desire isn’t a big money maker, but you definitely know what you want to do. The question for this group of people is, do you know how to achieve this end goal?

Many, many people have no idea what role is right for them, but they do know they’re in it for the money. They’re the ambitious types, but haven’t settled on anything just yet.

For many others, the aim is to simply support themselves/a family. Big responsibilities aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and there are many jobs which offer a living minus the take-home kind of stuff.

Ask yourself where you’d like to be in 5 years time.

Make it happen. 

For those who know what they want:

Work from the top, and work backwards. We’ll use the example of a doctor.

Working as a DR.
|Completing registration process, allowing a medically trained individual to take up a post in a surgery, at first supervised.
Continuing university level studying for either MBBS; MBBS/BSc; MBChB; MBBCh; BMBS.
Studying at Medical School, gaining undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Medicine
Attaining A* grades at A level
The first rung of the ladder is where you begin. Much like a game, you must see each step as a challenge you need to pass before moving up a level, and progressing further within your dream. At each step you much identify what will allow you to climb up. For example, to study at medical school, which A levels much you choose? To study for these A levels, must you already have GCSE’s?
Construct yourself a thoroughly thought out plan, and research what you’ll need to progress to each stage. Look into universities you’d like to study at, and note what the entry requirements are. Look into the various roles you can progress to, what appeals?

For those who want the money, but don’t know how…

If you know you want to be rich and successful, but aren’t sure what career is right for you, this is where you should start. Ask yourself the following questions.

1.  What do you enjoy? What are you good at?

      This is the fundamental question. If you really enjoy cooking, would you enjoy working as a chief? If you’re really good at crafts, would you enjoy setting up business selling these creations? See if you can
inspire yourself based on what you already know.

2. What qualifications / experience do you have?

 If you’ve worked hard for a degree or other qualification, or have had work experience (at all!) would you like to expand on these areas? Look at this Prospects page for ideas of where your specific degree can take you.

3. Do you want to work for yourself, or for someone else?

Here’s one that depends pretty much entirely on your personal levels of ambition, and that also ties in with question 1; If you can answer that question confidently, would you like to take a leap of faith with your ideas? Or are you more interested in getting hired by a company which has already made its millions? Again, do your research.

4. What am I willing to do what it takes to get there?

 If you want to start up a business, are you prepared for the complications it may entail? Think long days, low pay, risky moves, management, full responsibility, and lots, lots more. If you’re wanting to climb high within a pre-established business, you must first get your foot in the door. Now, the most obvious and easiest option would be to apply to a job vacancy,  get the job, and work through promotions, but if this oppotunity isn’t available then what are you willing to do to get in there? Would you work for free to show willing? Would you drip-feed your info to the hiring managers, sending over examples of why they should be hiring you?

 For those who simply want to earn a living.

A very common option, yet often leads to feeling you’re at a dead end when you lose your job. If you’ve only known one type of work, and then face a situation where you cannot find this role, where do you turn? We return to the first line of this entry: ‘to get a job you must have experience’.

We can help, here at Essential. We value willing, an eagerness to work and most of all we appreciate when effort has been made to look smart, to follow instructions, and to prove they really do want to work. If you’re inexperienced, let us help! As long as you can prove to us that you’re genuine and enthusiastic, we’ll be more than happy to help.

Find your local branch here: Locate a branch and see what we can do for you.

Best of luck and happy job seeking!