I want to leave my job… what do I do?

If you find yourself wanting to leave your current role, you may worry about where your next payslip will be coming from. Leaving permanent work can be daunting for anyone, especially those with commitments such as a mortgage, car or family they’re held responsible for.

If you know what you want to do next, then spend your time looking for suitable vacancies, and arrange your interview for either after work or book time off your current job (hint: don’t tell them you’re going to another interview!). Don’t upload your CV to Reed etc. especially if your current company is hiring! If your CV comes up in a search, they will know you’re looking for another job and may put your current position in jeopardy.

Agencies can definitely help, referring suitable positions to you in confidence. Once you’ve found a role and been offered the job, hand in your notice!

Should you need work to tide you over between finishing one job and starting another, temporary work through an agency should see you through.

Best of luck and happy job seeking!