Taking employment into their own hands

igures from the Office for National Statistics infer that Self-Employment is the next big thing, with the total number of Self-Employed UK workers growing by 4.1% (compared to a rise of just 0.2% in regular employees). The drop in unemployment also results in 27,600 less claims for Jobseekers Allowance.
Whilst the figure for employment is only 59% currently, it is important to note that of the 41% remaining, only 7.2% are actually ‘unemployed’ – available and seeking work. The other 36.4% are ‘Economically inactive’ : People who are not in work and do not meet the internationally agreed definition of unemployment. They are people without a job who have not actively sought work in the last four weeks and/or are not available to start work in the next two weeks.
The job market is tough, and it seems as though self-employment is a natural evolution in a time like this. Workers are able to rely on themselves, whilst doing something they (usually) have a strong interest in. The great thing is, entrepreneurial start-ups are something that can begin as a part time project during unemployment, and lead on to something which can support you.
Sound good?

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