Non-work work perks

1. Those people you see on your commute. 

That person you kinda-fancy-but-definitely-wouldn’t-never-speak-to on the bus. The girl that walks her dog at 5.20 every day. The guy that always has to sit in train carriage C, seat 32 (god forbid you try to sit there again…) The morning regulars you’d kinda miss if your routine changed.

2. Finally appreciating your bed

Everyone appreciates a lay in, but there’s nothing like the feeling of your bed on a weekday morning. How does it do that?!

3. Having the best excuse ever.

Having a job is pretty much your golden ticket out of any  undesirable circumstance.

– Friends want you to stay out all night doing shots? “I’ve got to get up super early for work”.
– Mother-in-Law needs you to assemble her brand new IKEA wardrobe? You’re at work.
– Distant acquaintance trying to make plans for the future? “I’ll have to check the rota…”


4. Being able to join in with the ecards. src=


5. Sarcastically saying ‘I love my job’

Some people have a pretty weird sense of humour, and an even weirder sense of satisfaction. You’re talking about how busy you are, how much responsibility you have and how no one else can do it as good as you can. ‘Oh yeah, LOVE my job’.

6. Genuinely saying ‘I love my job’ 

Sometimes it’s actually quite nice to be able to say you’re satisfied with life.

7. Little things making you smile. 

If you’re having a tough day at work, the smallest of things can bring cheer to your day.

One of our Recruitment Consultants reminisced about one walk to work in very deep snow. It was too deep for any cars or buses, so only a handful of people were walking about, mostly somewhere in the middle of the road. She sees these people pretty much everyday, but it was only on this day that they stopped to say hello, and pass comment on the weather.

8. The diversity of people in your network

Take a look at your friends and you’ll probably see that they’re all pretty similar. Now take a look at the people you work with. In most workplaces, you’ll have a mix of age, gender, interests and personalities. 

9. Being able to update your social media, and feeling a bit smug.

LinkedIn, Facebook, maybe even Twitter? It’s quite nice to feel part of something. src=

10. Foood. 

McFridays, the fast-food van, early finish and a pub trip, buns for [any and every] celebration. It’s all so much more acceptable when it’s a work thing.


Ok, so it’s a work perk. Whatever. We all like money and there’s way it could have been left off the list!

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