Miliband – Get Real!

Labour leader Ed Miliband yesterday promised to tighten British laws and prevent firms from hiring only foreign workers, in an apparent U-turn in Labour’s immigration policy.

Admitting his party got it wrong while they were in government, he also pledged to ban employment agencies that use only foreign workers at the expense of “local talent”.

He referred to recruitment agencies acting “as the oil in the system, keeping the different parts of our economy working together”, at a time when jobs are scarce and skills are under-developed.

He continued: “When they work well, these agencies can play a crucial role in our economy. And the majority of them do. But some recruitment agencies operating in Britain are now effectively open solely to foreign workers.”
Miliband continues that the idea that “in industries like construction or agriculture you can get recruitment agencies who boast all their workers are Polish or denigrate the talents of those who are living locally isn’t right”.

However, he says this is happening “because it is a part of our economy that has not been subject to sufficient rules and regulations. We need to change it”.

Have I been missing something in terms of the recent burdensome red tape in our industry and the Labour party promise to add to it! I really do wish that politicians get all their facts before trying to catch today’s headline. Editor