How to recruit in a diminishing pool.



Unemployment rates mean less than 1 in 5 people are unemployed.

The shrinking number of available candidates makes for an astoundingly competitive market – candidates are able to take their pick of vacancies, and recruiters have to work harder to be the most attractive offer on the table.

The first issue is finding the candidate. Have you experienced the frustration of advertising a vacancy, only to find no one has applied? You’re not alone.

Bigger companies are upping pay rates in order to recruit large numbers of workers locally – leaving smaller businesses to struggle with their productivity rates whilst understaffed.



How to recruit in a diminishing pool.


1. Competitive pay rates

Look at similar roles to the one your advertising. For example, if there are countless vacancies for Warehouse Operatives in Chesterfield paying £7.50, an increase of even 10 pence could mean candidates apply for your role rather than your competitors.

Speak to your Recruitment Consultant for advice on what locals are looking for.


2. Celebrate culture

Small businesses may not be able to offer competitive salaries, but there’s more to work life than pay. If you think you’ve got a great team, show it off. If your role is similar to another in the area, demonstrate why the candidate would enjoy the atmosphere at your place more.

 width=3. Staff benefits

What else do you offer staff, other than wages? Things such as not having to work bank holidays, bonus schemes, staff outings, freebies etc are definitely worth mentioning – if the candidate already works somewhere that offers these, they may be anxious to leave them behind.


4. Increase your resources

There are fewer candidates searching for work, meaning the recruiter can’t afford to be passive. Look at the resources available to you – social media, job boards, job centres, word-of-mouth, paid advertising campaigns and so much more.

We try as many methods of recruiting as we can think of – because we have no other choice!


Recruitment is a time consuming task and it can easily take over your regular workload. If you haven’t yet considered the benefits of working with a recruitment agency, now may be the time. With no fee to pay unless the candidate you WANT to hire is right in front of you, you have nothing to lose.

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