Do your shift patterns need reorganising?



Could you benefit from offering flexible working hours to your staff? Many companies allow staff to work their contracted hours within a time slot – for example, starting work between 6-8am, and finishing 3-5pm. If they wanted to leave early, they could simply start earlier. Whilst this may be problematic for some industries, it would work brilliantly in others – is it for you?

There are certain solutions you could try, which I have outlined the benefits of below:

– You could maximise the potential of your workforce. Some people aren’t great in the morning – some people are. Catch them at their most willing, but try to let them decide.

-Make room for new staff. Rather than employing one full time, why not try two part timers? You may find a bigger workforce means a wider selection of experiences and skills within the team, whilst also allowing more flexibilty when it comes to sickness, holidays and other events which mean shift-swapping.

-Re-schedule opening hours which truly accommodate your customers. You could start with a trial, staggering your staffs shifts to cover the period without having to hire any extra, and see what happens. There are plenty of people working night shifts to appreciate these services! Mold the working day around the work itself, rather than where you work.

-Sculpt the working day around your employees. Want to be known as one of the best places to work? Act like one! Who can honestly say they don’t believe their employees would enjoy the choice, meaning they ‘can come in early then leave early or they can work four 10-hour days instead of five 8-hour days.’ (Source: Mashable)

Perhaps an equally great solution is to use temporary workers – one off/temporary shifts can be covered without hassle, with the ease of deciding the staff aren’t for you – something that permanent hiring doesn’t give you!  Give us a call today, find your local branch here: Contact Essential.