“Do you want some cake?”

The following post stemmed partly from a need to justify the slab of fondant icing I ate, and partly because I love bad metaphors. Enjoy!


“Do you want some cake?”

 The hopeful question lingers in the air as an office full of those who are  ‘trying to be good’ begin  to crumble. (Heh, cake joke.)

The truth is, most people secretly want cake, they just don’t want the bad stuff that comes with it. They don’t want the fat, the calories or the sugar. They just want delicious, guilt-free, cakey goodness – and we all know that it’s a choice between being good or being guilty. You can’t have both unless you’re new to the office and haven’t gained your 20lb of office blubber yet.

Why am I rambling on about cake? Well, here’s why:

The best bits in cake, the bits that make it work, are the icing and the butter cream. Without that, you’ve just got boring old sponge which will crumble and go stale in the back of the fridge. Yeah, it might have less calories… but most people would choose no cake over bad cake.

We know that the right ingredients are worth paying for. Without them, you run the risk of ruining the cake altogether – meaning you’ll rush out to get the better stuff anyway.

Here’s for the cheesy bit: We are your butter cream. We will hold together your company and your workforce. We are the icing on the cake., both metaphorically and realistically – we will provide the service and finish that the best cakes deserve.

The bad bits? Yeah – there are still bad bits. You can’t have a cake without calories. We charge a little for the work we do, and we can’t guarantee that there won’t be problems from time to time.  The thing is, we will never leave you with bad cake. We will re-do and re-make until we achieve perfection, because why offer your clients anything less? You don’t pay for something, from experts for it to be disappointing.

Conclusion: If you’re going to have cake – have the best one. Choose a cake so good that you don’t even feel guilty. That’s the best kind 🙂


Post written and edited by:

Emma Coleman,
Social Media and
Marketing Coordinator.