BMW give agency workers priority for 1,000 new jobs.

BMW have given priority to agency staff as they dish out 1,000 permanent jobs across it’s four UK manufacturing plants, but also adds that “we will still be needing to have agency associates working with us”.

The recruitment drive will bring up the UK workforce to at least around 9,000 by 2016, with hiring starting early in 2014. The new hires bring a positive vibes to the same job market that has seen huge employers such as Npower and Hewlett Packard cut thousands of jobs in an attempt to cut costs.

So often, agency workers are those who have taken every opportunity to work when they are left without a permanent job. They are those you can rely on to do the jobs that the others won’t apply for. It makes complete sense that BMW should want to give these people the opportunity of permanent work over those who are inexperienced within BMW.

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