Are your Forkies winter ready?

Below are snippets from an informative post from Briggs Equipment in Warehouse News, highlighting the importance of keeping FLT’s and their driver safe in the winter and busy Christmas period.

Allan Parsons, Short-Term Rental Manager for Briggs Equipment, explained: “Consumers are predicted to spend an extra £1.95 billion this Christmas and the spending rush could present a supply chain headache for retailers and wholesalers as they try to keep up with demand.
“Warehouse equipment and electric counterbalance trucks are heavily in demand and booking early is critical at this time of year.
“By investing and preparing for the busy season, businesses can safeguard themselves against these risks and unexpected costs.
Allan offers five top tips for ensuring businesses are prepared for Christmas:
Ensure you have the right equipment for the busy period – Make sure you have the right materials handling equipment not only to meet demand but to be able to perform efficiently outdoors in winter weather. Seek support from your materials handling provider who will be able to advice on the best solution.
Safeguard your site – Ensure you have snow ploughs to remove snow and ice from areas where equipment will be working and any other necessary attachments or accessories to help reduce downtime and minimise accidents.
Ensure your staff are prepared – Increased pressure can cause operators to rush which increases the risk of accidents and damage. Ensure they are fully trained on the latest health and safety regulations.
Ensure temporary staff are prepared – If you’re hiring temporary staff, ensure they are fully aware of your health and safety procedures and they have had the necessary driver training.
Work closely with your materials handling provider – You may need to reconsider your service and maintenance contracts to safeguard your business against breakdowns and repairs. It will be imperative to keep your machines working efficiently and maintain high productivity levels.
Allan continued: “It is easy to lose sight in the preparation, particularly as businesses get busier. However, taking the time to plan ahead will reap benefits in the long run.”

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