A day in the life of – Toni Ross

Toni is a Recruitment Consultant at our Mansfield office and has been with the company for 3 years. Toni’s kids are her pride and joy, but her work station at the office is a close second. She hates the cold weather but loves a warm brew, especially when she doesn’t have to make it…


Her morning alarms goes off at 5.45am… it’s winter time and anyone who knows her is aware she struggles around this time of the year! Toni likes to think she was a bear in her past life and loved to hibernate…

So the usual snooze until 6am goes into full effect to get those 15 mins extra in – to hide her mum bags under the eyes!


By 6am she’s greeted with a tiny voice, her youngest daughter shouting her to help her out of her bedroom (the doom of the baby gate).

She then joins Toni, sitting on the bed next to her while she does her make up, she is occupied by kids tube…. Toni will never understand the new generation of kids watching kids playing/opening toys.

She pops on some clothes and heads out to now to round up her oldest daughter 8,  going on 18!

Then it’s the usual mad dash around the house. She gets both girls dressed, lunches grabbed, doors locked and huddle into the car.

After the usual defrosting of the car in the cold weather, Toni drops them off at childminder’s and starts her journey into work.


Toni gets into the office… takes  the divert off the mobile phone for out of hours calls, pops the kettle on and has her first cup of tea, she can’t function with out it!

The next task is the morning meeting with the Manny T team (Mansfield Lingo), they cover over what needs to be done today and plan their daily must do’s.

After Toni checks in with all her clients that everyone has arrived for work. Today is the first day this week they don’t have any blobbers! Hooray! It’s the small victories that matter….


Everything is pretty settled in the Manny T team this week, most clients are just getting back into it since Christmas. Got to love that 8 day holiday!

After a trip out to see some of her clients, the Manny T team have some candidates in waiting to register for work.

With paper work completed, interview done, boom! One is lined up to start tomorrow on one of our contracts.

The Boys are out today doing the yearly ‘Happy New Year’ whip round to all our clients… aren’t they the best!? Toni isn’t a fan of the cold weather so Ross and Billy have to be subbed in…


At the end of the day, Toni does her hand over for the on call consultant this week, in case anything happens out of hours! They like to be prepared up at Manny T.

She heads home to battle the usual Mansfield traffic trying to get back to sunny Langwith.

She stops by the childminders to grab her daughters and heads home ready to start the night time routine and do it all over again tomorrow!

#Mum life!