A Day In The Life Of – Rachel Meadows

Rachel begins her morning at 6am. She hates getting up early so as you can imagine this is usually difficult. What makes it worse, Rachel is “Cheggers” at the moment, (in other words pregnant) so not only does she get no sleep but in around 3 months time getting up at 6am will become a luxury… Her first task in a morning is to scan her socials. Insta G is first on the list, she scrolls down her feed, eyes still squinting and likes the first picture she finds of a Mothercare pram competition. After all, you’ve got to be in it to win it… Facebook is second. A quick scan through the daily Love Island memes, an odd news bulletin or two and to see if her partner is active on Messenger so she can check in with how he’s doing. Her partner, Lewis works away mid-week leaving Rachel to her devices. He’s lucky if the house is still standing, never mind if there’s food in for when he returns! After Insta G and Facebook have been exhausted, she’ll go on her Pregnancy App for a “Pipdate” (her baby’s code name is Pip and she wanted an update on His / Her progress…) after discovering that He/She is the size of a Hamster she’ll wonder downstairs to have her first breakfast of the morning. Granola is on this morning’s menu, something sugary mixed with Rachel’s personality is always a risky combination. She’s always hyper, constantly moving, talking and trying to irritate someone in the office. However one thing it does offer is energy, something Rachel needs now she’s carrying Pip round all day!

Considering Rachel is a Mum to be you’d think safety would be one of her number one priorities. Well, considering the fact she’ll over take 2 cars on the back roads to work, will narrowly avoid various obstacles such as bridges and pedestrians and will be singing to The 1975 or Bombay Bicycle Club paying zero attention to the potholes she’s driving over we don’t think it’s properly sank in yet. She’ll arrive to the office somehow in one piece and begin unloading all her “drama” that occurred since she last saw the team. Once unloaded, all that talking works up Rachel’s appetite so she’ll pester the team into having Breakfast. She’s the only person in existence to order egg whites which are scrambled with Cheese mixed in.

After eating and venting Rachel will crack on with her first few tasks of the day. She’ll check in with her clients making sure all her “huns” have arrived to work without a mare, unlike her, also the team will try to accomplish “10 before 10” – making 10 sales calls before 10am. Invigorated by her granola and egg white scrambled egg she’ll smash her calls gaining a visit and making some new friends in the process! Rachel’s day is dominated by numerous thoughts. Firstly it could be about what happened on Love Island the night before, secondly it could be about buying Pip some clothes, but mainly her thoughts focus on what she’s going to eat for lunch. When someone is pregnant you’d expect them to eat food like it’s going out of fashion, destroying greasy food and embracing the repercussions. However since finding out she was pregnant Rachel has actually eaten healthier, rather than worse… She’s the only woman ever to say when pregnant she fancies vegetables…

After lunch has passed Rachel will crack on with her second important task of the day. Her “Badmin”. Badmin is the bane of Rachel’s existence and can often determine her mood for the rest of the day. Badmin is nothing more than just completing the admin tasks for the day, however the way it makes Rachel feel after is why it’s referred to as “Badmin”. Once Rachel has finished, she must prepare herself for the dreaded moment she’s been putting off all day – contacting some of her candidates who’ve had interviews for some of the perm positions the Chesterfield office are rocking at the moment. She discovers that all of them are invited back for a second interview and the cloud that the Badmin left soon dissipates.

Topics in the office soon turn from hard work, to what’s for Tea. Rachel has 3 options for Tea tonight. 1st, Flange’s (Mother In Law’s) amazing curry cooked to perfection. 2nd, Mrs Marsden’s (Mother) special request in other words whatever Rachel fancies. 3rd, Rachel will cook for herself, normally a pasta dish with very few components to decrease flavour but increase the speed of delivery. The time comes for everyone to leave and Rachel’s face will light up. She’ll run to her car trying to avoid as many drops of rain as possible, then randomly allocate someone in her phone-book to keep her company on her journey back home. Whoever the lucky “winner” is will hear all about her day, all the drama that’s happened and most importantly which food option she’s elected to go for tonight. She’ll arrive at home, get into some of Lewis’ clothes, sit on the sofa stroking Pip until it’s time for bed.