A day in the life of – Dani Cross

Dani is a Recruitment Consultant at our Mansfield office and has been with the company for 3 years. Dani is a slight fitness fanatic and can often be found at her cross-fit classes (or at the bottom of the biscuit tin!). She loves a good brew, made better by the addition of a custard cream or two…

Dani sets her alarm for 7am, but immediately presses snooze until 7:10am. She gets out of bed to a nice warm house as she has recently invested in a Nest thermostat which is amazing (well, if she actually knew how to actually use it…)

She stumbled into the bathroom to brush her teeth wondering what joys the day will bring. She then quickly grabs the first roll neck top in sight, trousers and gets dressed. Spending around five minutes putting her face on and doing her hair, Dani is all about that low maintenance life.

It is now 7:30am, Dani stashes her meal prep into her pink lunchbox – she’s 22 please bear in mind! She bolts it out the door ready to rumble with the A38 traffic.

Dani arrives at the office, logs on and quickly proceeds to the kitchen making a beeline to her life line, the kettle. She creates 1 black coffee before her team realises she’s brewing. Nothing is worse than doing a full tea round in a morning.

Being a Scorpio means Dani (she didn’t finish this sentence, guess we’ll never know? A common trait of Scorpio is to be mysterious.. )

After a few slurps of coffee, Dani begins checking in with her clients to ensure all her staff have arrived, then listens in on the morning meeting. Shortly after, the the phone rings and it’s a client who isn”t happy. Dani’s day is thrown off balance and it’s only 8:30am. A candidate has failed to arrive this morning and didn’t call to inform us. First things first she immediately tries to get in contact with the candidate with no such luck. She then frantically calls through the available candidate list and YES, someone has accepted to cover the shift at short notice, she makes another coffee to celebrate!

As it’s Christmas time and the branch feel all festive. Dani and Toni go out playing Santa’s elves delivering goodies to clients who they’ve supplied staff to over the past year. After a long day being out in the Baltic weather, Toni and Dani go back to the office to fight over a chocolate orange which was left over from the client goodies. After numerous underhanded comments and a few left hooks – Dani has been training so this was definitely an unfair match up – they agree to share the chocolate orange and peace is restored in the Mansfield branch. Until there’s only one biscuit in the tin left…

After a few very delicious quadrants of the chocolate orange, Dani waters her desk plant and sets to work on sending over her weekly work confirmations and texts to candidates for the following week and logs all holidays on the system. This task is only manageable with a fresh coffee and biscuits.

All her staff have confirmed and staff sheets have been updated ready for next week, what do you know it’s 5pm already!

When work is done Dani rushes home to get into her gym kit and goes to Crossfit for 2 hours. She tells everyone she’s there to lift weights and endure some kind of HIIT style workout, but the Mansfield team aren’t fooled, they know she’s sat in the local maccies car park with a double cheeseburger and a bag of cheese bites. Once “CrossFit” (inverted comma’s intended..) is done, Dani goes home, preps her dinner and lunch for the following day and watches a documentary on Netflix about dogs, after all they are man’s best friend.