A Day In The Life Of – Chloe Kautz

Chloe is an Administrator based at our Long Eaton office. She’s quirky and talkative and can normally be found wearing something that’s neon green or extremely edgy.

Chloe isn’t a morning person, so when her alarm bellows in the early hours it’s normally cancelled with one eye still shut. She’ll slump out of bed, rubbing her eyes and wander to the bathroom to scrub off the previous day’s mascara. Her first task of the morning is brushing her teeth. She’ll squeeze the last slithers out of the tube, putting around 50% of it on the sink, start the cold tap, and spend a solid two minutes brushing and scrubbing. Second on the list is re-applying her “face”, she’ll dabble in her eye shadow set, peruse her lipstick collection and decide midway through to start it all over again.

Choosing an outfit for the day is potentially one of the toughest tasks a girl can face. However, you’ve clearly never met Chloe. She could stare at her wardrobe for days, and never find an outfit that has the right neon green to black ratio. It’s got that bad, she’ll have to set an alarm to bring her out of this wardrobe stare of death… Once outfits have been chosen and a cuppa has been supped, Chloe will begin her journey to work.

She’ll arrive at the office, realise she’s forgotten the key fob which lets you in the front door and begin dialing the office hoping that one of the girls has already arrived. Luckily today Shannon was on hand to open the door for her, she’ll drag herself to the office moaning about how tired she is, or why the office is so cold. She does realise it’s summer right? They’ll tussle over the thermostat resulting in it either being kept at tepid 21, or a toasty 25…

Once at an optimal temperature, Chloe will crack on with her day. As she’s come in as an Administrator to start off with she’ll begin with filling any bookings that are required during the day. She’ll ring through “Temps View” (Database Software holding information on available temps) and cross her fingers that people are available. Once bookings have been filled, Chloe will begin with completing “app-packs” – putting candidates that have come in to register onto our system. This can become quite time-consuming. So in order to fight this, she’ll put on “Kisstory”, have a little boogie at her desk and bash through the pile on her desk!

After her admin tasks for the morning have been completed her mind quickly shifts to thoughts about lunch. The team are situated about five minutes away from a Domino’s and they know about their deals all too well… Since Chloe’s arrival the team on average have 1 a week. The £5 lunch meal deal is basically the 4th member of the Long Eaton team…

One pizza and a box of wedges later Chloe and the team are stuffed. They’ll nurture their food babies until the early afternoon, or until the typical happens, a client has rung in for four candidates this afternoon. Panic. The team look at each other, names spring to mind with little success. However, Chloe remembers all those app-packs she put on earlier. Those four extra bookings soon vanish and the team can go back to looking after their babies.

With bookings filled and the clock edging ever closer to 5, the team will discuss plans for the weekend. Shannon is drinking alone in her house… (depressive). Kayleigh is drinking in the pub with her other half… (Average) Chloe, on the other hand, is having a weekend of resetting the system – as she likes to boast how she’s been out for the last 6 weekends in a row… (Tragic).

The clock strikes 5 and the team shoots out the door to begin their weekend. Chloe will rush home, storm through the door, get into her pj’s and begin a night of relaxation, applying various face masks and layers of fake tan for the time she goes out drinking!