A day in the life of – Charlotte Pilsworth

Charlotte is a Recruitment Consultant based at our Burton office and in the time she’s been with us, she’s definitely made an impression! Charlotte loves wine, wine is her life blood, her willpower and her motivation. There’s only one thing that comes close to her love of wine… food!

Charlotte’s day starts like everyone else’s; the alarm bellows at 6am and Charlotte immediately snoozes it. Unlike most, when Charlotte wakes up, she’s up. She lays in bed thinking of her outfit for the day – after all, Charlotte thinks her fashion sense is tippy top, but we know it’s rock bottom…

Charlotte has a little morning ritual she completes everyday; Her eyes still half shut from waking up, she’ll wander to the sink to brush her gnashers, then go down stairs to make a very strong Coffee… Who in their right mind brushes their teeth then makes a brew? Only the clinically insane? She potters around her house, cleaning the pots from last night’s Chinese order, re-arranges the pillows on the sofa back to their proper state and makes sure all the plugs are turned off in the house – Charlotte is all about that low energy bill life…

Charlotte is actually a big kid and opens a packet of Tangfastics for the journey, yes a whole packet…  She lives around 40 minutes from the office and in that time a lot can happen to Charlotte. She’ll have a sing along to her playlist “Lotties Mix Match” (she’s 25 for the record)! A causal bit of road rage / uncontrollable anger / manic behavior appears out of nowhere, AND THEN… while gridlocked at the traffic lights she looks to her right and see’s the guy who bought her pizza when she went out at the weekend (awkward).

After many angry and awkward encounters on the way to work she finally arrives. The office is around 17 yards from the car park yet Charlotte insists of wearing a full coat, scarf, gloves, snow shoes and a thermal Under Armour just for good measure. After “De-clothing” herself she hurls various bits of abuse or as she calls it “banter” towards Senior Consultant, Tom. Charlotte doesn’t play fair and goes straight for his weak point, and no it’s not what you’re thinking! It’s actually his hatred of garden peas… Tom holds no remorse for her actions, he is a man who packs a big punch and gives it her right back, bringing up the time when the team had to create a code word to let Charlotte know when she is distracted (#Butterfly Syndrome) – by which time Charlotte concedes defeat and goes into a strop.

Strop over, Charlotte plans out her day. She has multiple interviews in today, sales calls penned in and all of her admin that needs to be sorted. The problem Charlotte has is that her plan of the day doesn’t factor in time for the occasional bits of banter towards the team and the vast amounts of food she consumes, whether that be from the local cafe or the Maccies which is no more than a 8 minute 43 second drive – not that she’s counted?

Charlotte has two loves in her life at the moment, the first being wine and the second being food. As you can assume, when the food chat begins Charlotte considers multiple options including Subway, Jacket Potato, Maccies and other unhealthy options. However all of her options must factor in one variable, The Cheese Variable. If it doesn’t have cheese on it, it’s not even a viable option. Apparently she once bought a Cheese and Ham toastie from the local cafe, but the cheese was nowhere to be seen. She drove to the local shop bought some Cathedral City and used her emergency grater. Yes, she has a emergency grater.

After much eating, working and talking the clock strikes 4.45pm. Charlotte begins to think of her glass of wine sitting at home ready for her, various bits of “banter” she can hurl at people before she leaves for the day and what film / series should she watch on Netflix tonight. The route home is no easier than route to work. Upon leaving the office, Charlotte is a different person – short tempted and very irritable! As you can imagine any bad drivers on the way home get a mouth full…

Somehow Charlotte arrives at home without physically harming anyone which is always a bonus! She flicks her shoes off, gets into her “comfies” at 6pm (Crazy lifestyle at home) and after much relaxing, de-stressing and wine she eagerly makes something to eat so that she can begin to dial down before bed time – but of course she has to grate some cheese on whatever she’s having beforehand.