A day in the life of – Belinda Henshaw

Belinda is a Senior Branch Manager who covers our Long Eaton, Mansfield and Sutton offices. Belinda suffers from a condition commonly known as verbal diarrhoera and she’s never afraid to speak her mind. You’ll know her as Belinda but her “tag” is B.

Belinda or “B”s day starts at a brisk 5.30am. She’ll shower, ‘sort her life out’ and really regret the extra 15 minutes she could of had if she’d stayed in bed. Her first mission of the day is to wake up her 2 year old daughter. We never said it was an easy mission… After several attempts, 5 hugs and a play with some toys they’re ready to set off to Nana’s house. The drive to Nana’s is a steady 5 minute drive, however they’re never alone. They always drive past Teddy Bear Tree – a huge oak tree with teddies hanging from it. Amari (B’s Daughter) will always say “Morning Teddies” as they drive past, either in either her most excited voice, or mid yawn as she’s still tired from getting rudely waken at 6 this morning…

Soon they arrive at Nana’s house. They’ll pull on the drive and see her in the window waving with a grin on her face. Amari will dash out the car, up the drive and straight to Nana, trailing 3 princess dresses, 4 toys and the toast B had made her this morning behind her… After all the formalities B relaxes before the journey to work with a cuppa in the kitchen. Unfortunately, after 34 years B’s parents still don’t know how she takes her tea, so she receives the universal builders tea and is told “get on with it”. Some things never change we suppose… Just as B is about to set off for Long Eaton the Bin Men arrive, blocking her in as they plod about grabbing rubbish. However B’s anger is soon switched to pride as Amari tries to offer them money for all their hard work (Proud Mum Moment).

B hits the road again. The journey to Long Eaton can be perilous and full of obstacles and obstructions, but worst of them all is the lorry… On the M1 with 130mph wind (no exaggeration) lorries can turn into swaying giants. B has one choice – Floor it! She hits her maximum speed of 43mph and before you know it she’s turning off, danger averted. She’ll arrive to the Long Eaton office to a pre-made brew, chirpy team and a to-do list jam packed to the brim. B’s got a day of 1-2-1’s, Perm Recruitment, Sales and planning for what to get from Tesco’s tonight. After chats about targets for the branch over the coming weeks and months, before you know it she’s blasted her calls, bagged a visit and tasked all of her Long Eaton branch for the next 3 years. A productive day to say the least!

B gets so excited during the day for the journey home… Not. Her pet hate for motorway traffic is when you’re at a standstill next to a van full of blokes who start blowing kisses and waving. B laughs it off, waves back then sticks a combination of fingers up as she drives off. In the moment she wishes she had the window sticker from Victor Meldrew (if anyone understands that?). B will soon arrive back at Nana’s house to pick up Amari. Her hardest task of the day isn’t work related, it’s trying to find her daughter when she get to Nana’s. Last week she hid in the washing machine, yesterday it was under the bed, today it could be on the roof for all she knows!
Anyone that has kids will understand that sometimes getting them to eat things can be difficult. B deploys her tactic of ‘if I eat something, you eat something’. Amari agrees – Perhaps this is the reason B has put on a few pounds over the past couple of weeks. Technically speaking it’s not actually her fault though!?

Amari’s favourite sweet is Haribo. She absolutely loves them, however she has a ritual whereby she’ll save B all the love hearts to give her at the end of her day. B takes this as a sign that she loves her, but perhaps she just isn’t a fan of the foam on the bottom? On the drive home from Nana’s, Amari will no doubt fall asleep leaving B to sing “The Wheels On The Bus” as a solo act. When they’re home B puts her to bed and feeds the cats and fish. To be honest it’s a miracle they’re all still alive! She’s currently on a record of 9 months as that’s how long she’s had the fish. She once bought a fish from Pets At Home and it lasted 1 day, perhaps it died of stress, maybe neglect but it was perhaps because B forgot she had to put in it fresh water…

When everything is calm, B will treat herself to a quiet bath, a browse of the internet to look at the latest deals and offers and finally will listen to some background noise of whatever she can find on Netfilx.