A day in the life of – Abigail Dearden

Abigail is a Senior Business Development Consultant based at our Chesterfield office, Abi is a lively character and can be found either making everyone laugh or in the middle of a sales call. Abi is always hungry, whether that be before, during or after work!

Abi’s Friday morning starts at a very fresh 6am. She snoozes the alarm but not because she doesn’t want to get up, but because those extra 5 minutes a day equal an extra 24 hours a year in bed – it’s the little things!

Every morning Abi has a shower and readies herself for the day. She despises her hair getting wet, especially when she doesn’t need to, most would divert the shower head, but not Abi, she’s cracked the shower you see. She wears a shower cap… Granny Alert! Soon after, Abi flies down the stairs and makes her standard breakfast, Porridge. She’ll turn the TV on, watch some “background noise” and pay no attention to either the TV or the strands of hair that are dipping into her porridge. The clock hits 6.40am and it’s Cole o’clock. Abi pokes the hibernating bear (her sleeping 9-year-old son) and after some “gentle persuasion” he awakes from his slumber. He wanders down stairs, changes the TV channel to SpongeBob Squarepants and tries to wake himself up. Cole has a tough morning, with Mum pestering him to finish his breakfast, to get ready for school and to stop calling her Plankton as she’s “so bossy” (SpongeBob joke).

After getting ready and finishing every crumb of toast, Abi and Cole leave the house, but it’s never that simple. Abi has 7 bags in her hands, Cole’s P.E kit, his cooking equipment for school, important work forms, her gym kit but most importantly of all the left over Chinese they had last night. When the car is full to the brim, they begin their journey to Shelly’s, the childminder. Before recruitment Abi was in the Army and since then she has no concept of fear, no concept of danger and zero spacial awareness. She treats the 2 minute drive round to the childminders like the Silverstone Grand Prix, kissing the apex (the curb), completing the hairpin (the U-turn) and seeing the checkered flag (the police lights in her wingmirrors). After completing Silverstone, she endeavors on to her next race. The Abu Mansfield Grand Prix, a gruelling track with many twists and turns, but most terrifying of them all is the Hornsbridge roundabout. After avoiding 9 collisions, 3 pedestrians and running a red light she arrives to the Chesterfield office in one piece.

Once arriving in the office, Abi’s nickname changes from Plankton to Brew Queen. She averages 7 brews an hour, that’s 168 brews a day, 4707 a month and in total a massive 56448 a year. Fair to say all the caffeine carries over to the kind of person Abi is… She calls Cineworld – Signworld, Derbyshire is Derby-shy-er (this is universal for anything ending in Shire – you should listen to her say Worcestershire – War-chester-shy-er) but these are pale in comparison to the music incident. Once ACDC came on the radio and the team ask Abi “do you know who this is?” She replied with “yes of course is ABCD“…

After a catch up with the team and a good laugh, Abi begins to look into new areas and markets for Essential. She canvasses various companies to explore different opportunities. Abi hears the same sentence around 43 times a day – “Sorry they’re in a meeting” or “they’re in the warehouse”. 

Working in Business Development can be difficult, not only can you get pushed back by prospects, but all the selling can distract you from the important things, like Food. Abi is abnormal when it comes to food, so can consume so much more than anyone else yet keeps the same weight. Today Abi is having something healthy, she’s got a big half marathon on Sunday so it’s a KFC with 3 bits of chicken, chips, and a whole tub of beans – hey don’t judge usually is 4 bits! Chicken consumed, Abi sorts some calls in a last-ditch attempt to bag a visit. She sends her progress reports to her manager and begins to think of her weekend. Abi is a free spirit and doesn’t believes in planning , she would rather let destiny take its course. However one thing that is set in stone is her friends coming round and drinking a gin or 5.

After supping till their heart’s content Abi stumbles up the stairs and passes out… or at least until Cole wakes her up in around 3 hours!