The 7 stages of rejection.

Rejection is tough, no matter the subject. A job rejection can break you, especially if you’ve worked towards a certain career, or you’ve hyped yourself over a vacancy that you think would be perfect for you. Some people are quitters, and if you’re one of those then you’ll know the feeling – you feel like you’ve been told you’re not good enough. Like you’re not capable of what you’ve tried to do – and it’s not the case..

Well, it’s sometimes the case. You’ve got to take the rejection sweetly, and learn from it rather than dwell on it. Here are the 7 stages of rejection:

Shock and Denial.










You probably didn’t even want the job. You were way too good anyway – they’re the ones who’re missing out.




Pain & Guilt.













You’re home alone and it hits.  You have a slight tantrum but it’s okay – you’re brewing a master plan to make them reconsider.





Anger & Bargaining.











You try a few underhand tactics, such as crying on the phone to the secretary, and applying for every other job the company has. The result? Stage 5…
















You realise that you’ve not moved for about a week, and are starting to smell worse than the rotting food on the floor. You realise it’s time to sort your life out, and get over the job that wasn’t meant to be.


















You get yourself out there with your CV’s and your best smile. You’re borderline intimidating, but you feel great and you’re determined to make someone notice you.






Acceptance & Hope.










An email drops in to your inbox – you’re in love. The perfect job, the perfect location… and they want you! Now it all seems worth it…