The Essential Family

The Essential Family

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This is us.
We’re not strangers, we’re not enemies, we’re not just co-workers and we’re not just friends.

We’re family.

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We had a great time at our annual meet up of 2014! The event lasted from Friday – Sunday and involved lots of alcohol, laughter and games.

Friday night saw us gradually filter in to the hotel where we would stay for the duration of the event – Shrigley Hall Golf and Country Club – of course the drinking games began almost immediately and the night drew to a close at about 4am. Yes…just a quiet drink

On Saturday morning the games began, starting with a ’round robin’ of activites, including a murder mystery, a stretcher challenge and a strategy game with wooden planks…

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We then stopped for a quick dose of caffeine – much needed for some of us! Here’s where we shared the results of the first round of games.


After the break, we headed back out for three more activities – Volleyball, Laser Clays and Archery.

IMG_3821  IMG_3773 IMG_3751

IMG_3782 IMG_4604IMG_3782

After all of that, we had lunch before heading to the nearby Errwood resevoir where we would carry out our final activity – raft racing!

We were tasked with building a raft from a pile of materials, including wood, rope and inflatable barrels. After building, each team chose a crew, a strategy, and headed on to the water!

P1040513 P1040517 P1040518 P1040520 P1040522 P1040528

not without a little accident, though!

IMG_3983 P1040512IMG_3984

but luckily, every single team made it across the finish line, with ‘Churton Champions’ coming in first place!

 IMG_4013 IMG_4017






The celebratory drinks were cracked open and medals awarded.

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After a much needed rest back at the hotel, we joined once again for our 3 course dinner, drinks and the night’s entertainment..